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LIFE is a nine-month, leadership development program in Israel and India for college graduates.
A service-learning program for participants from across the Jewish world with your Israeli peers, LIFE starts in Israel with a two-week orientation, continues in India for four months and finishes with four and a half months in Israel. LIFE stands for Leadership and International Fellowship Experience.

In each country, you will take on a tailor-made internship position that advances a social justice agenda through change-making work in one of the diverse fields LIFE is connected to: human rights, women's empowerment, health, the environment, and more. The internships involve professional work in program development, policy, program evaluation, or capacity building. They not only provide valuable, real-life experience, they also help you explore, clarify, and create options for the future.  LIFE works with exceptional NGOs in India and Israel on projects that help them better serve the population they work with and for.

As a service-learning program, LIFE includes an average one day a week of training, structured learning, and field visits for reflecting on your work and yourself. There are also longer seminars and study trips, and you will meet social activists, intellectuals and leaders. You will develop your social vision, your leadership abilities and your self-understanding.

Living with, learning from and working to advance the interests of people in weak and vulnerable situations in India and in Israel, these experiences with LIFE offer an unparalleled opportunity to make a difference. LIFE helps you build your capacity to access even more challenging opportunities in the future.
B'Tzedek is thrilled to announce the launch of GapLIFE, a nine-month LIFE program for people between school and college.
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Dates for LIFE in 2011-2 are as follows:
Start: Monday, 3 October, 2011
Finish: Monday, 2 July, 2012
Applications:     Open now
When I first came across the LIFE program, I thought it was too good to be true...

The LIFE program impacted me in so many ways - personally, professionally, and spiritually...

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LIFE has a new website: more information, on-line application, up to date descriptions. Visit us there at www.LIFEprogram.org.

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